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The Airport Operators Association (AOA) is running a 2-day safeguarding workshop on 22 /23 May for airport professionals which will cover both technical and physical safeguarding, as well as Town & Country Planning and associated regulations and processes.

During Day 2, Osprey will reinforce the learning objectives of the workshop by presenting a number of relevant technical and physical safeguarding case studies to illustrate the challenges we faced and how the Osprey team approached and addressed them.  The aim will be to help delegates put the learning from the workshop into context, and illustrate how a thorough knowledge and understanding of the application of the regulations can help resolve the most difficult safeguarding challenges.

Osprey is well placed to offer safeguarding advice and support. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations combined with our strong reputation in the aviation sector means that we can engage meaningfully with stakeholders, not least Aerodrome Operators, National Air Traffic Services (NATS), the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Local Planning Authorities, to identify effective solutions to complex safeguarding issues. We are also highly experienced in the assessment of potential obstacles and the production of Safeguarding Maps in accordance with CAA criteria.

Rich Connelly, Strategy & Capability Director at Osprey explained: “We’ve got some great safeguarding case studies to share with the delegates. We believe that early engagement is absolutely key to avoiding time, cost, reputational issues and potential conflicts at a later date.  We pride ourselves on open and honest engagement with all stakeholders and, having identified all the issues, employ our understanding of all relevant regulations, including the safeguarding regulations, to develop solutions that will be acceptable to all.”

Please click here for further information on our Safeguarding services.

Find out how we developed a safeguarding package for a major licensed airport here.

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