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Andy Hirst - Osprey Consulting

Andy Hirst

Principal Consultant

After graduating with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and with a passion for aviation, Andy joined Rolls-Royce on the graduate training scheme. He went on to be a Control Systems Engineer, developing engine control laws for helicopters and corporate jets.

Andy subsequently joined Airbus UK as a Safety Engineer and was responsible for Safety Engineering activities on the A330 and A340 Landing Gear Systems.

After gaining experience in the Safety of Air Traffic Management at HVR Consulting Services (now QinetiQ), Andy joined Osprey in 2007.

Andy now focuses on the safety of Air Traffic Management equipment and procedures, developing Safety Cases for Communications, Navigation and Surveillance equipment, as well as for revised airspace arrangements and instrument flight procedures

John Smith - Osprey Consulting

John Smith

Principal Consultant

John is a Chartered Engineer with vast experience in Air Safety and Project & Programme Management within engineering & defence environments.  He joined us from the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) where he was responsible for the certification and regulation of MOD Air Traffic Management (ATM) equipment against the MAA Regulatory Publications.  He also provided independent assurance and regulatory guidance to Duty Holders to ensure that aviation equipment was safe to operate and that organisations were operating as safely as possible.

Prior to the MAA, John worked for NATO as the Principal Engineer responsible for all of the equipment supporting NATO’s Joint Electronic Warfare training.

John brings a wealth of certification and regulatory knowledge, and is currently focussed on delivering key milestones for MOD Project MARSHALL.

Doug Fidoe - Osprey Consulting

Doug Fidoe

Principal Consultant

Doug is a Chartered Engineer with significant experience in the Defence and Air Traffic Management (ATM) environments having spent 22 years in the RAF. On leaving the RAF Doug joined BAE Systems as a Project Systems Engineering Manager providing Contractor Logistic Support, for a fleet of MOD surveillance systems, ensuring that the Operational Availability continually met the MOD requirement.

In 2006, Doug joined HVR Consulting Services (now QinetiQ) where he was responsible for the delivery of a range of both Civil and Military ATM Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems Safety Assurance documentation including new and legacy Safety Cases demonstrating compliance with the Statutory, Regulatory and Interoperability requirements.

Doug joined Osprey in 2008 to support and deliver a wide range of aviation projects, including, wind farm mitigation conceptual designs, capability demonstration trials, Safety Assurance and Interoperability where he has demonstrated significant knowledge of the UK and European statutory and regulatory environments. Doug has gained significant knowledge of the Utilities Public Procurement Regulations and the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) procurement process, having led a number of civil airports through the successful and unchallenged procurement of a wide range of Air Traffic Management CNS Systems.

Nigel Hewitt - Osprey Consulting

Nigel Hewitt

Principal Consultant

Nigel joined Osprey in January 2016. He is an experienced Airworthiness and Air Safety Engineer and joined us following a secondment to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) where he was the Programme Manager and Policy Specialist for Unmanned Aircraft Systems with responsibility for developing international and national civil regulations and requirements for the emerging UAS market.

During his tenure at the CAA, Nigel developed the UK CAA’s UAS programme and represented the UK on the international UAS authority regulatory panel (JARUS).  He has also represented both the MAA and CAA across both government and industry events.

Before his secondment to the CAA, Nigel worked as an Airworthiness Analyst for the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) where he provided safety case assessments for an extensive portfolio covering all UK military rotary wing and Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) either in service or under development.

Since joining Osprey, Nigel has led the review of the UK’s UAS regulations and policy.  This work will feed directly into UK Government policy as well as influence European and International policy direction for RPAS.

Andy Judge - Osprey Consulting

Andy Judge

Principal Consultant

Andy joined Osprey in June 2016, having held many senior operational positions at some of the UK’s largest and busiest airports, and is well-known in the UK Airport’s industry.

Since joining Osprey, Andy has worked on a breadth of projects including reviews of airport ATC provision, a CAA and MOD joint airspace management review, and a number of airport development and safeguarding projects across the UK. This includes leading a major aviation project for the Welsh Government to transition an airport from military to civil regulatory oversight.

Previously, Andy held the post of Airport Director at Carlisle. Prior to this, he was the Operations Director at London Luton Airport where he led a team of 500+ staff across all airport operational disciplines and played a key role in delivering the requirements that were necessary to operate the UK’s 5th largest airport. Andy brings extensive operational knowledge and experience to Osprey, and is focussed on growing our Airports business.

Paul Roberts - Osprey Consulting

Paul Roberts

Principal Consultant

Paul joined Osprey in April 2017. He is an experienced Safety & Supportability Engineer and has a solid track record of providing specialist technical support to the UK MOD, foreign governments and industry. His career began as an aircraft engineer and has since progressed through various engineering and management positions including senior roles at Atkins and BAE Systems.

Most recently Paul has been working with the Royal Saudi Air Force Typhoon Support Centre with specific responsibility for undertaking a range of engineering and support tasks with a focus on continuing airworthiness, safety, operational capability, availability and through life cost reduction.

Lindsay Perks - Osprey Consulting

Lindsay Perks

Principal Consultant

Lindsay has a degree in Computing Science and a background in radar, communications, operational requirements specification, military platform interoperability, architectural frameworks and aviation safety. She joined Osprey in 2007 and helped develop the wind energy capability for which Osprey is well known. Over the last seven years, Lindsay has supported 25 clients – both UK and abroad – in the assessment of the potential aviation issues faced by over 100 wind farms.

Lindsay’s current focus is on safety assessment and the application of military and civil aviation standards, regulations, safeguarding and safety requirements.

Paul Askew - Osprey Consulting

Paul Askew

Principal Consultant

Paul is a Chartered Engineer with experience in defence analysis, aerospace and air traffic management. Whilst working at NATS, the UK’s main Air Traffic Service Provider, he led projects investigating new surveillance technologies and introducing satellite navigation systems into service. In 2010 he left NATS to pursue interests in sustainability and held posts as the Renewable Energy focal point in the Civil Aviation Authority and then as Head of Aviation at RenewableUK before joining Osprey, where he has been working on projects to implement wind farm mitigation solutions.

Paul has degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Systems Engineering and is currently studying Renewable Energy Systems with Loughborough University.

Foz Binning - Osprey Consulting

Foz Binning

Senior Consultant

Foz joined Osprey early in 2014 following three years at MASS Consultants where he was a Senior Systems Engineer responsible for major deliverables to the Defence Electronic Warfare Centre.

With over 25 years’ experience in technical management and delivery of capability, he has developed an enviable background of systems and software engineering. Additionally Foz has extensive experience of MOD and Civil Air Traffic Engineering management and maintenance activities.

Currently, Foz is the lead technical consultant for a complex wind-turbine mitigation program for a major UK airport. Foz also specialises in software assurance and recently produced a substantial argument for the CAP 670 SW 01, Safety Arguments for COTS Equipment. This received positive comment from the Civil Aviation Authority regulator and was stated as an ‘Excellent’ piece of work.

Steve Hyam - Osprey Consulting

Steve Hyam

Senior Consultant

Steve joined Osprey in 2010 following a successful career in Air Traffic Control (ATC) in the RAF. Specifically, Steve spent two years embedded within the MOD Safeguarding Team at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation where he analysed the effects of wind energy developments on RAF ATC radar and operations.

Steve is a Wind Energy Subject Matter Expert and is responsible for the assessment of the potential effects of wind turbine developments on aviation infrastructure and operations.

Recently, Steve has had success in supporting clients in achieving planning consents for a number of offshore and onshore developments.

Gavin Jones - Osprey Consulting

Gavin Jones

Senior Consultant

Gavin joined Osprey in 2014 as a Senior Consultant following two years with Raytheon UK, where he assisted the deployment of NATS En Route radars and supported the RAF with safety analyses of ‘Sentinel’ and ‘Shadow’ intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) aircraft.

Gavin graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering and subsequently became involved in European Air Traffic Management projects with EUROCONTROL, enabling a wide perspective of future ATM concepts such as Required Navigation Performance, GPS approaches such as GBAS / SBAS and wake vortex issues.

Since joining Osprey, Gavin has worked with UK airfields to develop safety cases for radars and Airfield Ground Lighting systems. He is currently supporting the MOD’s terminal ATM capability, Project MARSHALL.

Nicole Saunders - Osprey Consulting

Nicole Saunders

Senior Consultant

Nicole is an experienced Project & Safety Manager, Fast Jet Weapons Systems Officer and Trials Management Officer. She joined Osprey in November 2016 following a 16-year career in the Royal Air Force.

Nicole has provided specialist safety advice to offshore wind farm projects, developing Bowties to inform the development of the Concept of Operations. In addition, she was responsible for developing the Bowties for the High-Altitude Pseudo Satellite loss of safe separation arguments. Nicole combines her safety, project management, aircrew, procurement and trials experience to support project and delivery teams within Defence Equipment & Support.

Nicole has experience of preparing expert witness reports, conducting safety assurance assessments for senior leadership teams and developing Headquarters-level air safety policy. A qualified physics teacher, she also develops and conducts air safety training.

She has Masters degrees in Human Factors & Safety Assessment and Aerospace Systems, and is experienced in developing and reviewing Bowties, conducting and reviewing accident and incident investigations, and promoting and assessing a positive safety culture.

Sandy Ingamells - Osprey Consulting

Sandy Ingamells

Senior Consultant

Sandy joined Osprey with over 23 years’ aviation experience. Her career began as an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Royal Air Force, where she became the Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) at RAF Cranwell. Following this, she deployed to Afghanistan as SATCO at Camp Bastion for 6 months. On leaving the RAF, Sandy gained a CAA ATC Licence and successfully completed ratings courses in Aerodrome and Approach/Surveillance Control.

She was a validated Aerodrome Controller at East Midlands Airport for 2½ years before joining Osprey in June 2014.  Sandy’s experience is invaluable to our Airports & Airspace Team which routinely undertakes a wide variety of civil and military aviation projects including airspace change proposals and assessments of aviation impacts caused by wind developments.

Stewart Heald - Osprey Consulting

Stewart Heald

Senior Consultant

Stew joined Osprey in 2011 following a 34 year career in all disciplines of Air Traffic Control and Airspace Management in the Royal Air Force; 22 years as an air traffic controller at home and abroad.

Stew performs impartial, independent assessments of the potential impact of both onshore and offshore wind farms for wind energy developers, airports and local planning authorities. He has a proven track in analysing complex problems and developing the appropriate solutions, working effectively under pressure with a high degree of initiative and self-motivation. He provides stakeholder advice, interaction and strategic guidance on changes to airspace operations including impact mitigation and the UK Airspace Change Process.

Craig Blackwell - Osprey Consulting

Craig Blackwell

Senior Consultant

Craig joined Osprey in September 2017 following a successful career in the Royal Air Force. He is a highly experienced Safety Engineer and brings a wealth of experience in delivering complex projects and systems in both Air and Land including Air Traffic Management, Battlespace Management and C4iSTAR domains.

Most recently he was the lead safety stakeholder representing the Gp Capt on the £1.5 billion Marshall ATM Programme with responsibility for reviewing and analysing safety reports and evidence. He also provided technical advice on safety management processes and safety case development for in-service and newly procured cutting edge equipment.

Liam Clarke - Osprey Consulting

Liam Clarke

Senior Consultant

Liam is an approved IFP Designer and completed both his initial and advanced IFP Design training with the Air Navigation Institute in Switzerland. He is trained in the design of non-precision and precision instrument flight procedures including ILS, MLS, GBAS, PBN 3D (LPV, LPV200, LNAV-VNAV and RNP APCH).

Prior to joining Osprey, Liam completed a 22-year career with the Royal Air Force as a Flight Operations Manager, he was then a founding member of the IFP Design Team at Cyrrus Limited. During his career he has worked with numerous civil and military airports all over the world. Liam is responsible for the whole ‘production line’ in the creation of a new procedure from the initial site visit and data capture, through the HAZID and design process with IFP WP coding and the production of a flight validation plan (including ARINC 424 Database Coding) to ultimately liaise with relevant AIS to ensure accurate and timely publication.

Liam has published procedures in the IAIP’s of Ireland and the UK in addition to actively flown IFP’s around the world ranging from ice Runway approaches in Antarctica to ILS approaches in the Middle East.

Sam Shuttlewood - Osprey Consulting

Sam Shuttlewood

Senior Consultant

Sam is an approved IFP Designer in both the UK and Ireland. Having completed training in accordance with ICAO, PANS OPS in 2012, he is qualified to design non-precision and precision IFP’s including ILS, PBN (SBAS, Baro-VNAV and RNP APCH).

Prior to joining Osprey, Sam was a founding member of the IFP Design Team at Cyrrus Limited. He is experienced in the design and implementation of IFP’s, from site visit and HAZID through the design process, flight validation and publication in the AIP.

Sam has designed procedures for many airports including: Gatwick, Chester Hawarden, Biggin Hill, Dundee, Lydd, Sumburgh, Kerry and Southend.

Linda Micallef-Worley - Osprey Consulting

Linda Micallef-Worley


Linda joined Osprey as a Consultant in 2013. Linda is a qualified Engineer with a number of years’ experience in Air Traffic Management consultancy, primarily in the civilian and military aviation sectors, including high profile projects and international work.

Previously Linda held the position of consultant engineer with a regulatory authority, responsible for regulatory oversight of a number of industry sectors. Here she gained a strong background in regulatory affairs and issues concerning European product safety legislation. Linda took on roles as a trainee auditor in ISO 9001 quality management system certification audits.

Linda’s experience ranges from financial modelling, to undertaking aviation impact assessments, Airspace Change Proposal projects, and studies concerning changes to airspace operations in her current post.

Ash Jennings - Osprey Consulting

Ash Jennings


Ash joined Osprey in February 2016 as a Safety Engineer following three years with Ebeni Limited. He has worked on a number of defence projects covering Air Systems, Platforms and ATM Navigation and Surveillance systems, including the ongoing safety support of the RAF C-130J and TriStar aircraft, RAF A400M ATLAS safety management and supporting Aquila ATMS in the delivery of Project MARSHALL.

Ash has vast experience in conducting Hazard Evaluations and Risk Assessments, development of Loss Models, producing Safety Case and Safety Assessment Reports, producing detailed Safety Arguments for aircraft and equipment and development of POSMS-compliant Safety Management Systems and supporting processes.

Ash has experience in the application of a wide variety of civil and military aviation regulations and standards, including the MRP, Def-Stan 00-056, Def-Stan 00-970, Def-Stan 00-972, FAR-25, CS-25, CS-23, CAP 670, ARP 4754, ARP 4761.

Paul Tench - Osprey Consulting

Paul Tench


Paul joined Osprey in 2017 following an 8 year career in the Royal Air Force.  During his RAF career, he was a fully validated Air Traffic Controller with responsibility for managing the Air Traffic Control unit of 20+ staff to provide seamless air traffic operations whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of safe operation of manned and unmanned air systems at both home units and the deployed environments.

More recently, he served as a Force Generation Officer in Air Command at RAF High Wycombe where he provided specialist Air Traffic Control, Aerospace Battlespace Managements and Flight Operations guidance to assist with the RAF station and military exercise manpower requirements. He successfully directed and co-ordinated all Battlespace Management manpower assistance requests to maximise operational output across the RAF.

Chris Latus - Osprey Consulting

Chris Latus


Chris is an IFP Designer formally trained in both conventional and PBN concepts including ILS, LPV, LNAV/VNAV, RNP APCH and RNR-AR.   Using specialist design software, his main responsibilities include the production and promulgation of IFP’s that are designed to current regulations and policy.

Prior to joining Osprey, Chris was an apprentice designer at Cyrrus Limited. Chris is currently working through a detailed competency based training programme in order to achieve Approved Procedure Design status.

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