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Andy Hirst - Osprey Consulting

Andy Hirst

Principal Consultant

Andy is a Chartered Engineer with a background in Systems Engineering within the Aerospace sector. After graduating with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and with a passion for aviation, Andy joined Rolls-Royce on the graduate training scheme. He went on to be a Control Systems Engineer, developing engine control laws for helicopters and corporate jets. He later joined Airbus UK as a Safety Engineer and was responsible for Safety Engineering activities on the A330 and A340 Landing Gear Systems.

Andy joined Osprey in 2007, and now focuses on the safety of Air Traffic Management equipment and procedures. He has been responsible for developing Safety Cases for: Communications Systems (Air Ground Radio and VCCS), Navigation Systems (ILS, DME, and NDB) and Surveillance Systems (PSR, SSR and WAM), Instrument Flight Procedures (both RNAV and traditional) and revised airspace arrangements (Controlled Airspace, TMZ).

Andy also has significant experience in conducting of Safety Assessments for aspects of Aerodrome infrastructure, such as Runway development, Runway End Safety areas and the operation of Instrument Approach Procedures to non-instrument runways.

John Smith - Osprey Consulting

John Smith

Principal Consultant

John is an accomplished Chartered Engineer with extensive Air Safety and engineering experience, who joined Osprey following 31 years’ service in the RAF. A former Military Aviation Authority (MAA) regulator, John has built upon his reputation as a specialist in the field of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems and provides regulatory, safety and assurance expertise for a range complex engineering systems to Osprey’s civil and military clients. His in-depth understanding of regulatory publications, legislation and standards along with their application within the defined operational context has enabled our patrons to achieve the required certification and assurance against the mandated requirements.

Capable of assimilating complex problems, whilst understanding the contextual organisational intricacies and dynamic operational demands; John has delivered pragmatic solutions and recommendations to enable Osprey’s clients to harmonise and optimise their assurance solutions and demonstrate the required compliance, without compromise to the intended capability. In addition to his continued support to the maritime domain, including Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, the wider surface fleet and Merlin Crowsnest, John has also assisted Project MARSHALL, Air Defence clients and undertaken Independent Safety Audits within the Military sphere.  In the civil domain, John provides safety support to airspace change and airport ATM equipment projects including the introduction of Global Navigation Satellite Services (GNSS), Digital Tower and Radar in the Tower (RiTT) capabilities.

Doug Fidoe - Osprey Consulting

Doug Fidoe

Principal Consultant

Doug is a Chartered Engineer with significant experience in the Defence and Air Traffic Management (ATM) environments having spent 22 years in the RAF. On leaving the RAF Doug joined BAE Systems as a Project Systems Engineering Manager providing Contractor Logistic Support, for a fleet of MOD surveillance systems, ensuring that the Operational Availability continually met the MOD requirement.

In 2006, Doug joined HVR Consulting Services (now QinetiQ) where he was responsible for the delivery of a range of both Civil and Military ATM Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems Safety Assurance documentation including new and legacy Safety Cases demonstrating compliance with the Statutory, Regulatory and Interoperability requirements.

Doug joined Osprey in 2008 to support and deliver a wide range of aviation projects, including, wind farm mitigation conceptual designs, capability demonstration trials, Safety Assurance and Interoperability where he has demonstrated significant knowledge of the UK and European statutory and regulatory environments. Doug has gained significant knowledge of the Utilities Public Procurement Regulations and the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) procurement process, having led a number of civil airports through the successful and unchallenged procurement of a wide range of Air Traffic Management CNS Systems.

Paul Roberts - Osprey Consulting

Paul Roberts

Principal Consultant

Paul is a Chartered Engineer with significant safety engineering & supportability experience across civil and defence environments both nationally and internationally. He began his career within the MOD as an Aircraft Mechanical Technician before progressing into a technical support role as the MOD Design Authority for UK submarine and surface fleet compressed air systems.

After leaving the MOD, Paul performed a number of safety engineering roles as a consultant for Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Atkins. After this Paul spent 3 years in Saudi Arabia as the Safety Manager for the Royal Saudi Air Force Typhoon Support Centre with specific responsibility for undertaking a range of engineering and support tasks with a focus on continuing airworthiness, safety, operational capability, availability and through life cost reduction.

Paul joined Osprey in 2017 and has established a solid track record of providing specialist technical support to the UK MOD, foreign governments and industry. This includes providing the technical lead role for the management of the A400M Platform Safety Assessment (PSA); providing independent assurance to the UKMFTS Type Airworthiness Authority (TAA) during an industry Military Registered Civil Owned Aircraft (MRCOA) submission; providing safety support to the Flight Simulation and Synthetic Trainers (FsAST) Delivery Team; and providing industry support to a range of safety and survival equipment being delivered around the world.

Alastair Balderstone - Osprey Consulting

Alastair Balderstone

Principal Consultant

Alastair is a Chartered Engineer with extensive experience in demanding technical roles with significant airworthiness, safety, management and budgetary responsibilities.  He joined us from the RAF where he has been providing technical advice and support across the entire airworthiness spectrum for over 35 years.

Prior to joining Osprey, Alastair was a Senior Technical Manager in the Military Aviation Authority (MAA).  As Head of the Mechanical & Propulsion Systems Branch Certification Division he managed over a dozen MAA certification projects, ranging from widebody airliner derivatives to hand-launched remotely piloted air systems; as well as leading all certification, regulation and assurance activities for aircraft mechanical and propulsion systems.  Of particular note, he led the work to deliver the MAA’s certification regulations to meet the requirement of the Haddon-Cave Report to introduce an independent military aircraft certification process for all new and upgraded UK military aircraft.

Within Osprey, Alastair is the lead consultant for our work to support clients on aircraft certification activities.  In addition, he contributes to wider airworthiness and safety activities, delivering projects including: regulatory compliance and impact reviews; reliability and maintainability assessments and development of airworthiness strategies.

Ken Cooper - Osprey Consulting

Ken Cooper

Principal Consultant

Ken has worked in pan-domain areas in Air, Land, Maritime Nuclear industries, in a 35+ years career in Systems Engineering, SQESH leadership, training and Independent Safety & Environmental auditing.  With a strong pedigree in technical management and capability leadership, Ken is a former tutor / examiner for Durham University Business School, for many Masters level programmes in Marketing, Leadership and Business Management / Business administration.  He holds an honours degree in Physics, an MBA from Durham University, and a diploma in sustainable business practice.  Ken became a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute in 2019 and has been professionally recognised as a Chartered Physicist for some 30 years.

Ken is a customer focused, lead auditor, relationship developer and strategic thinker with the capability to apply systems thinking to many technical disciplines, including Primary / Secondary Radar, Safety / Environmental Management, Quality & Environmental Management, change management, Business Development / Marketing

Rachel Thomas - Osprey Consulting

Rachel Thomas

Principal Consultant

Rachel joined Osprey in July 2020 from Heathrow Airport where she was the Senior Airspace Change Lead, providing strategic airspace expertise ensuring alignment across all airspace activities. As part of her role at Heathrow, Rachel was responsible for shaping the future 3rd Runway airspace requirements and managed a range of other Airspace Change Programmes. These often involved complex interactions with other airspace users, extensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement programmes to ensure that the requirements in CAA regulations, Government Airspace Policy and Air Navigation Guidance were fully met.

Rachel also served in the Royal Air Force for 25 years as a Commissioned Officer. During her military career she was the Senior Air Traffic Control Officer at RAF Northolt leading a team of 60 personnel with responsibility for all aspects of Air Traffic Control, Fire Service and Airfield Management

Gavin Jones - Osprey Consulting

Gavin Jones

Principal Consultant

Gavin is an experienced Air Traffic Systems Safety Engineer having successfully delivered projects for EUROCONTROL, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports and Equipment Manufacturers.

Gavin graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering. In his early career he produced Functional Hazard Analyses and System Safety Analyses for European Air Traffic Management projects including Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP AR) approaches, Runway Safety Lighting (RWSL) and Wake Independent Departure and Arrival Operations (WIDAO).

Since joining Osprey in 2014, Gavin has worked with a broad range of UK airfields to assure the design, installation and transition to operation of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance equipment. He has supported Aquila Air Traffic Management Services in providing system safety assurance of Wide Area Multilateration and Radar Display Systems for MOD Project MARSHALL. Recently Gavin has developed Safety Cases and assurance documentation for Area Navigation (RNAV) approaches, an Electronic Flight Progress Strip (EFPS) system and a replacement Voice Communications System (VCS) at a major UK airport. Gavin is also the acting Safety Manager for the development of a back-up Surveillance Data Processing System (SDPS) on behalf of an international ATM System supplier.

Craig Blackwell - Osprey Consulting

Craig Blackwell

Principal Consultant

Craig has an MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering with 20 years as a Military Engineer. He is an experienced Safety Engineer, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the delivery of complex projects and systems in both Air and Land including Air Traffic Management, Battlespace Management and C4ISTAR domains.

Previously, Craig has been an instructor on the electronic systems of the Challenger 2 MBT and was the engineering authority for radar systems deployed on operations. Prior to joining Osprey, he was the lead safety stakeholder, representing the BM Force on the £1.5 billion MARSHALL ATM Programme with responsibility for reviewing and analysing safety reports and evidence. He also provided technical advice on safety management processes and safety case development for in-service and newly procured cutting edge equipment.

Since joining Osprey, Craig has been the Independent Safety Auditor for Special Projects supporting a number of complex electronic systems from initiation into operational service, utilising recognised good practice and an in depth knowledge of current policy and legislation. Craig directly supports the Apache Delivery Team leading the development of the Apache AH-64E Type Airworthiness Safety Assessment utilising Goal Structured Notation, he is also supporting the development of maritime ATM safety cases, in support of the QEC, T23 and T45.

Craig has provided Independent Technical Evaluation in support of the Protector Unmanned Air System with particular focus on the review of safety artefacts for the ground communications systems. In support of Survitec he has led the development of safety artefacts for equipment being developed to support MOD, including life preservers for rotary and fast jet aircraft, emergency locating beacons and high altitude parachute apparatus. Previously he has provided engineering support to the Situational Command and Control DT providing technical support and advice in support of safety management committees.

Sandy Ingamells - Osprey Consulting

Sandy Ingamells

Principal Consultant

Sandy is a highly experienced aviation specialist with over 23 years’ experience in Air Traffic Management and airspace.  Her career as an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Royal Air Force included the role of Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) at RAF Cranwell was followed by a 6-month deployment to Afghanistan as SATCO at Camp Bastion.  Sandy also held staff appointments within Air Command and at the Ministry of Defence and is experienced in the procurement of military Air Traffic Control equipment.  Sandy gained a CAA ATC Licence and was a validated Aerodrome Controller at East Midlands Airport for 2½ years before joining Osprey in June 2014.

Sandy’s experience is invaluable to our Airports & Airspace Team and the wide variety of civil and military aviation projects we undertake.  She is a qualified project management professional specialising in the delivery of complex airspace change proposals, airport ATC provision and airport safeguarding projects.  Sandy specialises in airspace environmental assessment including noise contour modelling.  This work is invaluable for supporting the Options Appraisal phase for airports pursuing an airspace change under the CAP 1616 process.  Sandy prides herself on developing sound relationships with her clients, and always ensures she is part of the airport team.

Stewart Heald - Osprey Consulting

Stewart Heald

Principal Consultant

Stew joined Osprey in 2011 following a 34 year career in all disciplines in Air Traffic Control and Airspace Management obtained as an ATC Manager and commissioned Military Officer. He possesses a wealth of operational and management experience and can manage multiple projects simultaneously with proven excellence in project delivery.

Stew has experience in the independent assessment of potential technical impact of wind turbine developments on aviation stakeholders and equipment including radar, obstacle limitation surfaces, instrument flight procedures, navigation beacons and communication links with management of relationships and the facilitation of meetings between relevant interested parties.

He provides stakeholder advice, interaction and strategic guidance on changes to airspace operations including impact mitigation and the UK Airspace Change Process, and has been successful in gaining regulatory approval within the Airspace Change Process for the approval of a number of offshore windfarms. Stew is CAA Trained to provide Aircraft Noise Contour Modelling using the FAA AEDT software system that models aircraft performance in space and time to estimate fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and air quality consequences.

Simon Kirby - Osprey Consulting

Simon Kirby

Principal Consultant

Simon is a project management professional with extensive experience in project planning, policy, procurement and analytics. Simon served 22 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF), primarily flying the Tornado F3 on Front Line Air Defence squadrons. He also worked for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) as a Consultant where he provided specialist military knowledge, analytical support and advice as part of a research team on issues such as Defence Policy, application of emerging concepts, force structures, balance of investment and equipment procurement.

As part of the Airports & Airspace Team, Simon provides informed, independent and focused support to airport projects, contributing at all stages, from concept development or financial planning through to mobilisation and delivery. He has become a subject matter expert on CAP 1616, the regulatory guidance for airspace design in the UK, and is currently involved in delivering a number of complex and challenging Airspace Change Proposals, including the project that is currently furthest through the CAP 1616 process; he is therefore genuinely leading the field. He has been involved in facilitating stakeholder engagement activities to inform the various stages of the CAP 1616 process and has produced comprehensive reports that have allowed projects to successfully progress through the CAA gateways within the process.

Since joining Osprey in 2018, he has also been responsible for the delivery of radio training to military units under Project Marshall, which aims to provide the future Air Traffic Management capability for the UK MOD.

Foz Binning - Osprey Consulting

Foz Binning

Senior Consultant

Foz joined Osprey early in 2014 following three years at MASS Consultants where he was a Senior Systems Engineer responsible for major deliverables to the Defence Electronic Warfare Centre.

With over 25 years’ experience in technical management and delivery of capability, he has developed an enviable background of systems and software engineering. Additionally Foz has extensive experience of MOD and Civil Air Traffic Engineering management and maintenance activities.

Currently, Foz is the lead technical consultant for a complex wind-turbine mitigation program for a major UK airport. Foz also specialises in software assurance and recently produced a substantial argument for the CAP 670 SW 01, Safety Arguments for COTS Equipment. This received positive comment from the Civil Aviation Authority regulator and was stated as an ‘Excellent’ piece of work.

Sam Shuttlewood - Osprey Consulting

Sam Shuttlewood

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Sam is an approved IFP Designer in both the UK and Ireland. Having completed training in accordance with ICAO, PANS OPS in 2012, he is qualified to design non-precision and precision IFP’s including ILS, PBN (SBAS, Baro-VNAV and RNP APCH).

Prior to joining Osprey, Sam was a founding member of the IFP Design Team at Cyrrus Limited. He is experienced in the design and implementation of IFP’s, from site visit and HAZID through the design process, flight validation and publication in the AIP.

Sam has designed procedures for many airports including: Gatwick, Chester Hawarden, Biggin Hill, Dundee, Lydd, Sumburgh, Kerry and Southend.

Marcus Groves - Osprey Consulting

Marcus Groves

Senior Consultant

Marcus is a highly experienced engineering and assurance manager with a wide-ranging portfolio of transferable skills and experience. He specialises in providing engineering assurance through Quality, Safety and Information Assurance.

He joined Osprey in 2019 following a successful career spanning nearly 32 years in the Royal Air Force. During his time in the RAF, Marcus has worked as a maintainer and engineering manager on numerous radar systems and C2 platforms across the globe. While working in the Information Assurance field, he was acknowledged as the Defence lead for Ground and Air Electrical Safety, providing Risk Management advice for secure communications.

More recently, he represented the BM Force on the £1.5 billion MARSHALL ATM Programme as a Senior Engineering Assurance Manager – reviewing design proposals, technical safeguarding policy, operational risk assessments and engineering validations for newly procured equipment. He also provided technical SQEP advice at Equipment Safety Panels, analysing safety reports and trends for legacy ATM equipments.

Bob Burke - Osprey Consulting

Bob Burke

Senior Consultant

Bob is a highly motivated and experienced Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment specialist with extensive knowledge in the practical, engineering and regulatory ATM environment.  Prior to joining Osprey in 2019, following 28 years service in the Royal Air Force (RAF), he was responsible for the UK militaries deployed ATM equipment and worldwide depth maintenance to fixed surveillance & navigation systems.  Also responsible for the RAF’s Communications and Infrastructure Technician teams, Bob held engineering authority and safety management responsibility for 140 personnel.

As a previous ATM Equipment regulator within the Military Aviation Authority (MAA), Bob was the technical specialist providing guidance to the Ministry of Defence regulated community in the requirements of Def Stan 00-972, CAP 670, EUROCONTROL Specifications and EUROCAE Documents. His primary responsibility was the certification and regulatory oversight of ATM systems delivered under Project MARSHALL; for a range of ATM Communications, Navigation and Surveillance systems Bob facilitated achievement of regulatory compliance with the MAA Regulatory Publications and applicable EU regulations. Additionally, as an IRCA approved auditor, he completed initial and surveillance audits of industry under the ATM Equipment Approved Organisation Scheme.

This background as a MAA Regulatory Auditor, complementary and extensive ATM equipment experience, along with his current test and acceptance experience; Bob is able to employ pragmatic solutions, which ensure operational capability and achieve regulatory compliance.

Linda-Jean Worley - Osprey Consulting

Linda-Jean Worley

Senior Consultant

Linda joined Osprey in 2013 and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is an Incorporated Engineer with several years’ experience in Air Traffic Management consultancy, primarily in the civilian and military aviation sectors including high profile projects and international work.

Previously Linda held the position of consultant engineer with a regulatory authority, responsible for regulatory oversight of a number of industry sectors. Here she gained a strong background in regulatory affairs and issues concerning European product safety legislation. Linda took on roles as a trainee lead auditor in ISO 9001 quality management system certification audits.

Her experience ranges from financial modelling and providing technical expertise for complex projects, to undertaking aviation safety and environmental impact assessments. In her current role she regularly undertakes studies concerning changes to airspace operations and conducts market & competitor analysis.

Paul Thomas - Osprey Consulting

Paul Thomas

Senior Consultant

Paul is an Aeronautical Engineer specialising in avionics and electrical systems. He joined Osprey from Boeing where he was a senior member of the Part 21J Office of Airworthiness for Boeing UK and Ireland.

Paul brings a wealth of experience including 7 years with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a certification and policy specialist engaged in technical policy making for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). He has also assessed safety cases in support of applications for UAS operating authorisations and provided regulatory guidance and technical advice to operators.

During his earlier career, Paul worked for Bristow Helicopters as an Avionic Project Engineer and TNT Aircraft Maintenance Services at Stansted Airport as an Avionics Development Engineer.

Barnaby Green - Osprey Consulting

Barnaby Green

Senior Consultant

Barnaby is an experienced Safety and Airworthiness practitioner, with primary experience in the military air domain. He has contributed significantly to a number of technically advanced projects including airworthiness support to Thales for Crowsnest and the production of certification artefacts, specifically Military Certification Review Items (MCRI), for the introduction of the Apache AH-64E helicopter. He has also provided Maritime Air Traffic Management (ATM) support to the Royal Navy’s surface fleet, through the production of ATM Safety Case Reports (SCR) at both ship and equipment levels.

Barnaby has previously supported the FAST DT across multiple elements of their Safety Management System including Safety Assessment Reports, Hazard Logs, Business Procedures and Occurrence Reporting, in accordance with the applicable elements of the MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP).

He has used a variety of safety techniques and associated tools including: the production of Bowties using BowTieXP, management and analysis of hazard logs using eCassandra and HARMS, monitoring of in-service safety occurrences using ASIMS, production of Claims Argument Evidence (CAE) and Goal Structure Notation (GSN) diagrams in Adelard ASCE for Safety Case development.

Anna Puig Valls - Osprey Consulting

Anna Puig Valls

Senior Consultant

Anna joined Osprey in March 2021. She is an experienced Safety Consultant with a strong and demonstrable safety assurance background across multiple highly regulated industries and safety critical infrastructure projects.

During her career, Anna worked for Cyrrus Limited where she gained a wealth of aviation experience including hazard analysis and risk assessment of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) systems. She also spent a year with INECO with responsibility for maintaining the Safety Management System (SMS) at Barcelona Airport and working towards aerodrome certification.

Anna joined us from Jacobs where she provided systems safety and risk management services to the Transpennine Route Upgrade Programme.

Eamon Dillon - Osprey Consulting

Eamon Dillon

Senior Consultant

Eamon joined Osprey in June 2021. He is a dynamic ATM engineering specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the industry delivering fixed and deployed Air Traffic Services in both military and civil environments.

During his career, Eamon worked for the UK MOD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) MARSHALL Delivery Team providing engineering assurance and verification in the delivery of new air traffic radar and navigational systems. This involved the end-to-end safety of ATM assets including hazard and risk management, technical safeguarding, Safety Case reviews and compliance with the latest civil and military regulations.

Eamon also served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) for 22 years. During his military career he was responsible for the management of deployed and fixed network infrastructure for the RAF and wider MOD in support of operations. During this time, he gained vast experience managing projects in the planning, deployment and recovery of deployable ATM equipment in support of military operations and UK safety and mitigation trials.

Chris Lindsay - Osprey Consulting

Chris Lindsay

Senior Consultant

Chris joined the Osprey Airports and Airspace Team in March 2022. He is a qualified programme and project management professional who has extensive experience and skills across multiple arenas including defence, civil aviation, rail and the care industry.

Chris has over 28 years’ experience in Air Traffic Management including: policy making, strategic planning, and safety assurance and has worked at numerous UK and International Airfields and en-route centres and also completed a staff officer secondment at the Civil Aviation Authority.  He has extensive experience of all aspects of Air Traffic Control, Fire Service and Airfield Management and was the Head of ATM Assurance for the Royal Air Force prior to leaving the service in May 2018.  He is accomplished and pro-active in engaging, influencing and improving strategic relationships.

Prior to joining the team, Chris was a Business Change Manager for Network Rail where he was responsible for re-invigorating two stalled competence programmes.  He also spent time as the Chief Executive Officer of a Veterans Charity and Care Home in Greater Manchester that was undergoing significant development.  In this role, he was responsible for both the delivery of care to veteran residents and a £14M building development programme that would further improve the lives of veterans of all ages in the north-west of England.

Chris Latus - Osprey Consulting

Chris Latus

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Chris is an IFP Designer formally trained in both conventional and PBN concepts including ILS, LPV, LNAV/VNAV, RNP APCH and RNR-AR.   Using specialist design software, his main responsibilities include the production and promulgation of IFP’s that are designed to current regulations and policy.

Prior to joining Osprey, Chris was an apprentice designer at Cyrrus Limited. Chris is currently working through a detailed competency based training programme in order to achieve Approved Procedure Design status.

Ryan Evason - Osprey Consulting

Ryan Evason

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Ryan is an IFP Designer and completed his ICAO PANS-OPS training in Singapore.

Prior to joining Osprey, Ryan worked for NATS delivering the DVOR rationalisation programme for NERL. He was also responsible for ensuring that all procedures designed were compliant with PANS-OPS (ICAO doc 8168, 9905 & Annex 14).

During his career, Ryan has also worked for Lufthansa Systems and NavBlue.

Daniel Figueras Gomez - Osprey Consulting

Daniel Figueras Gomez

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Daniel joined Osprey in August 2020.  He is a fully qualified IFP Designer and completed his ICAO PANS-OPS training at the Singapore Aviation Academy where he covered both conventional and PBN design.

Prior to joining Osprey, Daniel worked for NATS where he focused on London Heathrow’s expansion and future procedures. He also represented NATS at the European Static Data Aeronautical Special Interest Group (ESDASIG) conferences for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

During his career, Daniel has also worked for Ineco and EUROCONTROL.

Sophie Davison - Osprey Consulting

Sophie Davison

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Sophie joined Osprey in April 2020.  She brings extensive project management skills and will work towards becoming a qualified and state approved Instrument Flight Procedure Designer working across a portfolio of airport projects and other projects such as safeguarding, procedure review through to new procedure design.

Prior to joining Osprey, Sophie worked for NM Group (Trimble) where she gathered technical product requirements from clients’ worldwide and provided consultancy on industry issues to generate new products and solutions.

Dan Arden - Osprey Consulting

Dan Arden


Dan joined Osprey in October 2018 as an Engineering Intern whilst completing a BEng in Aerospace Engineering at The University of the West of England (UWE).  During his time at UWE, Dan is completing a topical dissertation on ‘The safe deployment of counter drone technologies within an airport environment’.

Since joining us, Dan has been involved in a variety of tasks including technical support to a number of our projects.  As an Airworthiness and Safety Engineer, he has experience of operating in the Air domain of the UK Ministry of Defence and the civil environment. Dan is fully conversant with the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Regulatory Publication and relevant safety Def-Stans (i.e. DS 00-056), and experienced in development and adherence to Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Safety Management Plans, Airworthiness Strategies and Certification Plans.

Ross Smillie - Osprey Consulting

Ross Smillie


Ross joined Osprey in June 2020 after completing a BSc (Hons) in Aviation Management at Coventry University.

Having completed a number of work experience placements, Ross has gained industry experience at NATS, DAS Aviation Solutions Limited and Glasgow Airport Limited. During his placement at NATS, he supported change delivery and management on a key project to introduce Space-based ADS-B surveillance and reduced separation standards in North Atlantic Airspace.

On his return to university, Ross completed his dissertation entitled ‘Integrated Air Traffic Services using Remote Tower Operations’ focusing on the human factors element of providing combined ATC positions from a remote tower centre.

Ross is part of our Airports & Airspace Team where he is working on projects that will build on the excellent foundation of his aviation and Air Traffic Management (ATM) knowledge and skills.

Mark Outhwaite - Osprey Consulting

Mark Outhwaite


Mark is a highly motivated, forward thinking Chartered Manager. He is a dynamic Air Traffic Management (ATM) engineering specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the industry delivering fixed and deployed end to end Air Traffic Services in global military regulatory environments.

Prior to joining Osprey in March 2022, Mark served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) for 22 years as an Electronics Engineer. During his military career he was responsible for the management, maintenance, installation and commissioning of navigational aids in support of operations. During this time, he gained vast experience managing projects in the planning, deployment and recovery of deployable ATM equipment.

More recently, Mark contributed to the delivery of the ADEWS DT INDRA radar system implementation – reviewing design proposals, overseeing technical safeguarding policy and operational risk assessments. He also provided technical SQEP advice in support of the release into and out of service processes, including conducting site surveys, system commissioning and calibration flight check trials.

Kyra Thompson - Osprey Consulting

Kyra Thompson

IFPD Apprentice

Kyra joined Osprey in September 2021. She brings a wealth of experience and transferable skills from her military career and will work towards becoming a qualified and state approved Instrument Flight Procedure Designer working across a portfolio of airport projects.

Prior to joining, Kyra worked for the Northern Learning Trust as a Community Engagement Tutor where she supported clients, including Military Veterans to develop personal skills and to overcome various barriers into training or employment.


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