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Richie Hinchcliffe - Osprey Consulting

Richie Hinchcliffe

Principal Consultant

Richie joined Osprey in 2012, immediately following a seven year tenure at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). He has over 34 years’ aviation experience at every level from operational aircrew, operational airspace manager, national policy maker and regulator with the CAA and international Technical Advisor to the Single European Skies Air Traffic Management (ATM) Research (SESAR) Programme.

He has an aeronautical engineering degree, which has been the foundation of his technical, as well as operational credibility, on some of the issues facing civil and military Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

More recently, Richie has utilised his operational and regulatory experience to assist airports and developers in airspace design and delivery of new procedures.

Doug Fidoe - Osprey Consulting

Doug Fidoe

Principal Consultant

Doug is an experienced Chartered Engineer with a background in Defense and Air Traffic Management (ATM), with 22 years in the RAF and roles in BAE Systems and QinetiQ. At Osprey since 2008, he has excelled in aviation projects, wind farm mitigation, trials, Safety Assurance, and Interoperability. He is well-versed in UK and European regulatory standards and has led successful procurements of ATM CNS Systems.

Alastair Balderstone - Osprey Consulting

Alastair Balderstone

Principal Consultant

Alastair is a Chartered Engineer with over 35 years of RAF experience and has held senior roles in the Military Aviation Authority (MAA). At Osprey, he leads aircraft certification consultations and contributes to airworthiness and safety projects, including regulatory compliance, reliability, maintainability assessments, and airworthiness strategies. His work is informed by a significant history of managing MAA certification projects and pioneering independent military aircraft certification processes in the UK.

Simon Kirby - Osprey Consulting

Simon Kirby

Principal Consultant

Simon is a seasoned project management professional with a 22-year RAF background and experience in flying Tornado F3s. At Dstl, he consulted on defence policy and procurement. In Osprey’s Airports & Airspace Team, he excels in airport project support from inception to delivery and is a leading expert on UK airspace design regulations (CAP 1616). Simon is at the forefront of complex airspace change proposals and stakeholder engagement, ensuring successful navigation through CAA processes. Since 2018, he has also led radio training for military units under Project Marshall.

Stewart Heald - Osprey Consulting

Stewart Heald

Principal Consultant

Stewart, with 34 years in Air Traffic Control and Management as an ATC Manager and Military Officer, joined Osprey in 2011. He is adept at managing multiple projects and delivering results. Stew specializes in assessing the technical impact of wind turbine developments on aviation, including radar and communication systems, and he adeptly facilitates stakeholder meetings. He offers strategic guidance on airspace operations and has secured regulatory approval for numerous offshore windfarm projects. Additionally, Stew is CAA-trained in Aircraft Noise Contour Modelling using the FAA AEDT software.

Foz Binning - Osprey Consulting

Foz Binning

Principal Consultant

Foz joined Osprey early in 2014 following three years at MASS Consultants where he was a Senior Systems Engineer responsible for major deliverables to the Defence Electronic Warfare Centre.

With over 25 years’ experience in technical management and delivery of capability, he has developed an enviable background of systems and software engineering. Additionally Foz has extensive experience of MOD and Civil Air Traffic Engineering management and maintenance activities.

Currently, Foz is the lead technical consultant for a complex wind-turbine mitigation program for a major UK airport. Foz also specialises in software assurance and recently produced a substantial argument for the CAP 670 SW 01, Safety Arguments for COTS Equipment. This received positive comment from the Civil Aviation Authority regulator and was stated as an ‘Excellent’ piece of work.

Sam Shuttlewood - Osprey Consulting

Sam Shuttlewood

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Sam is an approved IFP Designer in both the UK and Ireland. Having completed training in accordance with ICAO, PANS OPS in 2012, he is qualified to design non-precision and precision IFP’s including ILS, PBN (SBAS, Baro-VNAV and RNP APCH).

Prior to joining Osprey, Sam was a founding member of the IFP Design Team at Cyrrus Limited. He is experienced in the design and implementation of IFP’s, from site visit and HAZID through the design process, flight validation and publication in the AIP.

Sam has designed procedures for many airports including: Gatwick, Chester Hawarden, Biggin Hill, Dundee, Lydd, Sumburgh, Kerry and Southend.

Marcus Groves - Osprey Consulting

Marcus Groves

Senior Consultant

Marcus is a highly experienced engineering and assurance manager with a wide-ranging portfolio of transferable skills and experience. He specialises in providing engineering assurance through Quality, Safety and Information Assurance.

He joined Osprey in 2019 following a successful career spanning nearly 32 years in the Royal Air Force. During his time in the RAF, Marcus has worked as a maintainer and engineering manager on numerous radar systems and C2 platforms across the globe. While working in the Information Assurance field, he was acknowledged as the Defence lead for Ground and Air Electrical Safety, providing Risk Management advice for secure communications.

More recently, he represented the BM Force on the £1.5 billion MARSHALL ATM Programme as a Senior Engineering Assurance Manager – reviewing design proposals, technical safeguarding policy, operational risk assessments and engineering validations for newly procured equipment. He also provided technical SQEP advice at Equipment Safety Panels, analysing safety reports and trends for legacy ATM equipments.

Linda-Jean Worley - Osprey Consulting

Linda-Jean Worley

Senior Consultant

Linda joined Osprey in 2013 and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is an Incorporated Engineer with several years’ experience in Air Traffic Management consultancy, primarily in the civilian and military aviation sectors including high profile projects and international work.

Previously Linda held the position of consultant engineer with a regulatory authority, responsible for regulatory oversight of a number of industry sectors. Here she gained a strong background in regulatory affairs and issues concerning European product safety legislation. Linda took on roles as a trainee lead auditor in ISO 9001 quality management system certification audits.

Her experience ranges from financial modelling and providing technical expertise for complex projects, to undertaking aviation safety and environmental impact assessments. In her current role she regularly undertakes studies concerning changes to airspace operations and conducts market & competitor analysis.

Robby Robertson - Osprey Consulting

Robby Robertson

Senior Consultant

Robby, with 38 years in the RAF and 4150 helicopter flying hours, joined Osprey after a distinguished military career, including operational flights in conflict zones and various staff appointments. He completed a Masters in Strategic Studies in the US and served as the UK Exchange Officer to HQ US Central Command. In the UK, he spearheaded the development of the No 2 Group Air Safety Management System and was Head of Air Safety for No 22 Group, integrating new training systems while complying with MAA Regulations. His last role was as Head of the Fixed Wing Branch in the MAA, leading safety assurance for UK military fixed-wing aircraft operations. Robby’s extensive safety expertise is underpinned by his Cranfield MSc, IRCA Lead Auditor, Human Factors Facilitator, and Occurrence Investigator qualifications.

Anna Puig Valls - Osprey Consulting

Anna Puig Valls

Senior Consultant

Anna joined Osprey in March 2021. She is an experienced Safety Consultant with a strong and demonstrable safety assurance background across multiple highly regulated industries and safety critical infrastructure projects.

During her career, Anna worked for Cyrrus Limited where she gained a wealth of aviation experience including hazard analysis and risk assessment of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) systems. She also spent a year with INECO with responsibility for maintaining the Safety Management System (SMS) at Barcelona Airport and working towards aerodrome certification.

Anna joined us from Jacobs where she provided systems safety and risk management services to the Transpennine Route Upgrade Programme.

Barnaby Green - Osprey Consulting

Barnaby Green

Senior Consultant

Barnaby is an experienced Safety and Airworthiness practitioner, with primary experience in the military air domain. He has contributed significantly to a number of technically advanced projects including airworthiness support to Thales for Crowsnest and the production of certification artefacts, specifically Military Certification Review Items (MCRI), for the introduction of the Apache AH-64E helicopter. He has also provided Maritime Air Traffic Management (ATM) support to the Royal Navy’s surface fleet, through the production of ATM Safety Case Reports (SCR) at both ship and equipment levels.

Barnaby has previously supported the FAST DT across multiple elements of their Safety Management System including Safety Assessment Reports, Hazard Logs, Business Procedures and Occurrence Reporting, in accordance with the applicable elements of the MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP).

He has used a variety of safety techniques and associated tools including: the production of Bowties using BowTieXP, management and analysis of hazard logs using eCassandra and HARMS, monitoring of in-service safety occurrences using ASIMS, production of Claims Argument Evidence (CAE) and Goal Structure Notation (GSN) diagrams in Adelard ASCE for Safety Case development.

Chris Lindsay - Osprey Consulting

Chris Lindsay

Principal Consultant

Chris, a programme and project management professional with over 28 years in Air Traffic Management, joined the Osprey Airports and Airspace Team in March 2022. His background spans defense, civil aviation, rail, and the care industry. As the former Head of ATM Assurance for the Royal Air Force, he’s skilled in policy, strategic planning, and safety assurance. Chris has also served as a Business Change Manager for Network Rail, reinvigorating key programs, and as CEO of a Veterans Charity and Care Home, where he oversaw care delivery and a £14M development program. His expertise includes comprehensive ATC, fire service, and airfield management, with a talent for fostering strategic relationships.

Chris Latus - Osprey Consulting

Chris Latus

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Chris is an IFP Designer formally trained in both conventional and PBN concepts including ILS, LPV, LNAV/VNAV, RNP APCH and RNR-AR.   Using specialist design software, his main responsibilities include the production and promulgation of IFP’s that are designed to current regulations and policy.

Prior to joining Osprey, Chris was an apprentice designer at Cyrrus Limited. Chris is currently working through a detailed competency based training programme in order to achieve Approved Procedure Design status.

Ryan Evason - Osprey Consulting

Ryan Evason

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Ryan is an IFP Designer and completed his ICAO PANS-OPS training in Singapore.

Prior to joining Osprey, Ryan worked for NATS delivering the DVOR rationalisation programme for NERL. He was also responsible for ensuring that all procedures designed were compliant with PANS-OPS (ICAO doc 8168, 9905 & Annex 14).

During his career, Ryan has also worked for Lufthansa Systems and NavBlue.

Daniel Figueras Gomez - Osprey Consulting

Daniel Figueras Gomez

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Daniel joined Osprey in August 2020.  He is a fully qualified IFP Designer and completed his ICAO PANS-OPS training at the Singapore Aviation Academy where he covered both conventional and PBN design.

Prior to joining Osprey, Daniel worked for NATS where he focused on London Heathrow’s expansion and future procedures. He also represented NATS at the European Static Data Aeronautical Special Interest Group (ESDASIG) conferences for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

During his career, Daniel has also worked for Ineco and EUROCONTROL.

Sophie Davison - Osprey Consulting

Sophie Davison

Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

Sophie joined Osprey in April 2020.  She brings extensive project management skills and will work towards becoming a qualified and state approved Instrument Flight Procedure Designer working across a portfolio of airport projects and other projects such as safeguarding, procedure review through to new procedure design.

Prior to joining Osprey, Sophie worked for NM Group (Trimble) where she gathered technical product requirements from clients’ worldwide and provided consultancy on industry issues to generate new products and solutions.

Dan Arden - Osprey Consulting

Dan Arden


Dan joined Osprey in October 2018 as an Engineering Intern whilst completing a BEng in Aerospace Engineering at The University of the West of England (UWE).  During his time at UWE, Dan is completing a topical dissertation on ‘The safe deployment of counter drone technologies within an airport environment’.

Since joining us, Dan has been involved in a variety of tasks including technical support to a number of our projects.  As an Airworthiness and Safety Engineer, he has experience of operating in the Air domain of the UK Ministry of Defence and the civil environment. Dan is fully conversant with the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Regulatory Publication and relevant safety Def-Stans (i.e. DS 00-056), and experienced in development and adherence to Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Safety Management Plans, Airworthiness Strategies and Certification Plans.

Tim Burman-Lilley - Osprey Consulting

Tim Burman-Lilley


Tim, an Air Cartographer with 23 years in the RAF, joined Osprey in August 2022. He holds a BA(Hons) in Organisational Capability and Development and has deep experience in Geospatial Information Services (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Aeronautical Information Services (AIS), and data management. Tim has taught at the School of Air Cartography and the Royal School of Military Survey, and recently managed the UK Military Aeronautical Information Publication and web-based AI Management service capabilities. At No 1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit, he ensured compliance with various regulatory bodies. At Osprey, he’ll focus on airspace change, airport support, and aeronautical information projects.

Andy Chase - Osprey Consulting

Andy Chase

Senior Consultant

Andy, with a 30-year RAF background and significant civilian experience, joined the Osprey Airports and Aviation Team in January 2023. His prior roles included Air Traffic Services Manager and Head of Airfield Operations at Norwich Airport, overseeing safety, regulatory compliance, and airport safeguarding. His RAF tenure gave him expertise in all facets of Air Traffic Management, such as Safety Management Systems, airspace management, and risk management. He played a key role in Project Marshall as a Business Change Manager and facilitated infrastructure projects at RAF Marham for the F35 Lightning’s introduction. His last military post involved leading policy for ATM CNS, engaging with stakeholders in UK and European airspace developments.

Martin McArdle - Osprey Consulting

Martin McArdle


Martin, with a 16-year military background in the Royal Navy and RAF, joined Osprey in 2022 after working at Babcock International. An ATS professional and trainer, he recently left the Defence College of Air and Space Operations where he managed training and contributed to a 5-year strategic plan. Instrumental in implementing Project Marshall, Martin also developed a Safety Management Programme in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Outside of work, he supports NWAS, ensuring patient and community feedback reaches the Trust Board, and serves as the Members’ Secretary for Team GB’s Olympic Luge Team. A passionate ultrarunner, Martin enjoys the Lake District with his dog, family time, and improving his golf skills.

Osprey’s detailed evaluation of Gatwick’s ATC assets highlighted their unique ability to deliver a complex requirement within a challenging timeline.  Osprey demonstrated a high level of competence and experience that clearly demonstrated their understanding of the technical landscape and the strategic needs of our airport.  Their professional and collaborative approach ensured they worked closely with all key stakeholders to deliver the intended outcomes of the study on time and on budget. We were particularly impressed by their ability to flex their resources to meet our priorities.  I have no hesitation in recommending Osprey for future aviation projects of this nature.


Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport

The whole team has provided an exceptional service and delivered all aspects of the consultancy contract on time, on cost and without any problems or unforeseen difficulties. It is testament to their relationship with key individuals at the CAA that any issues are quickly resolved to allow the application process to continue without delays. The whole experience with Osprey Consulting has been professional, informative and engaged at all times… well done Team Osprey!

HeliOperations Ltd

HeliOperations Ltd

I found Osprey to be professional and responsive in meeting the demands of the Blackshark project. They were always on hand to address any issues and were pragmatic and practical in their advice. I would recommend Osprey to others needing similar safety advice and support.

Teledyne Reynolds

The team at Osprey were outstanding in their approach to our project and throughout the timeline the team were fully supportive with their communication and interaction.

The output from the team proved to me that they deliver high quality pieces of work.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport

The successful delivery of this significant ATC project would not have been possible were it not for the support of Osprey CSL and I’d like to thank them for their work.  Working closely with our project team, they helped to take an aspiration and turn it into a viable project that could be delivered within time and on budget. We have worked with Osprey before and I’m pleased with their technical knowledge and willingness to further enhance the technical excellence already present within our airport in order to form the most effective delivery team possible.

Alan Siddoway

Head of Air Traffic Control Services, Leeds Bradford Airport

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