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Insights from Air Navigation Services procurement

According to evidence given to a European Commission hearing¹, air traffic control constitutes between 20-50 per cent of the costs of running an airport.   Increased use of technology is recognised as one potential route to decrease costs. However, there are also opportunities to achieve reductions in operational expenditure as a result of the procurement of […]

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Commercial flights resume at Carlisle Lake District Airport

Loganair’s flight to Dublin on the 4th July will be the first scheduled passenger flight from the newly modernised airport since 1993. The airline will also operate routes from the airport to Belfast City Airport and London Southend Airport. Working with the Airport, Osprey has provided expertise in safeguarding, safety and IFP design. Peter Giles, […]

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So you want to be a Safety Consultant?

So, you’ve decided you want to pursue a career as a safety consultant. You are probably wondering what to expect and perhaps how to prepare for upcoming interviews. A large proportion of my working career has been working as a safety consultant, so I thought I would share some thoughts on what it takes to […]

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MAA MRP Coherency Study

Osprey is delighted to have been awarded a new contract with the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) for an independent specialist coherency review of the whole MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP). Osprey will be proving specialist regulatory support to review the whole MRP to identify required amendments as a result of a rewrite to regulations changing; the […]

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Osprey Win Contract to Support Project MARSHALL, A £1.5 Billion Ministry of Defence Project

Osprey is delighted to announce that we have been chosen to support acceptance and commissioning activities associated with the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Project MARSHALL. What is Project MARSHALL? Project MARSHALL is a £1.5bn long term sustainment and support contract to upgrade Air Traffic Management (ATM) equipment throughout Defence.  Aquila Air Traffic Management Services, a […]

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CAP1616 One Year On

When the CAA revealed their replacement regulatory process for airspace design at the end of 2017, the Osprey Airports & Airspace Team was initially apprehensive. The comparison with the superseded CAP725 process was stark when we analysed the requirements, tasks and activities necessary to deliver airspace design changes. The criteria for early engagement, development of […]

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Osprey welcomes Molly Thomas

We are delighted to welcome Molly to the Company as our first ever apprentice. Her main focus will be to provide support to both the finance and administration teams within the company.  Molly lives local to our Farnborough office and has already made a positive impact.   As part of her role, Molly will become involved […]

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Osprey – Your future is in our hands.

There is nothing quite like embracing the beginning of a New Year with ambition and plans for kick starting your career, embarking on a new career, or simply making the changes the you have always wanted to make – but never quite got around to. At Osprey, recruitment is not just confined to when we […]

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Welcome to Osprey in 2019

A message from our MD Welcome to 2019 and Osprey’s 13th year!  In preparation for us becoming a teenager, I researched what we should expect; perhaps the most relevant were: ‘… a computer whiz who can operate any new gadget within seconds but can’t make the bed’. ‘… someone who can’t remember to walk the […]

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