Aerodrome Safeguarding

The development of structures and buildings within the vicinity of aerodromes may constitute as obstructions to flight operations. Development in the vicinity of aerodromes must be controlled to ensure that the safety and effectiveness of aerodrome flight operations are not impaired. Therefore, it is essential that any proposed development near an aerodrome is assessed to ensure that there is no adverse effect on airport operations or aircraft safety; whilst also maximising on-aerodrome or off-aerodrome development.

The CAA stipulates the aerodrome safeguarding requirements to be applied to licensed aerodromes based upon the runway use and dimensions, as detailed in CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes and CAP 738 safeguarding of Aerodromes. In addition, unlicensed aerodromes are encouraged to lodge aerodrome safeguarding Maps with their Local Planning Authority (LPA), to form the basis of consultation in response to local development proposals.

We are highly experienced, working with airports and developers to identify optimal solutions in the assessment of potential obstacles regarding flight operations and the production of aerodrome safeguarding Maps in accordance with CAA criteria.  We can support you in the following areas:

  • Development of Obstacle Limitation Surface aerodrome safeguarding Maps in accordance with CAA guidance contained in CAP 168
  • Development of Operational Areas and Cumulative Assessment Safeguarding Maps, to determine the acceptability of further developments, including Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) and obstacle lighting, in relation to the existing operating environment
  • Production of accompanying Map Notes, providing the reasoning for the designation of safeguarded areas and aviation activity details, to assist the LPA in making informed planning decisions.
  • Provision of detailed assessments regarding which flight procedures are potentially affected by solar reflection with guidance on suitable mitigation measures to ensure that flight safety is maintained.
  • Technical safeguarding through performance assessment of aeronautical communication, radio navigation and surveillance facilities (CNS) within the aerodrome’s built environment where changes to that environment may also result in changes to the facility performance.
  • Presentation of an aviation safeguarding brief for aerodrome operations personnel.


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