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Osprey continues to solve critical aviation planning issues for the construction industry


Aviation issues are frequently seen to be one of the reasons why a construction project or development cannot proceed. However, from our work in the renewables sector and support to both public and private construction projects Osprey proves that, when carefully managed, proposed developments can proceed successfully through the planning process despite being located close to an airport or aerodrome.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) provides comprehensive regulations and guidance on development in the vicinity of an airport or aerodrome and additional specific guidance on the development of tall buildings in the Central London area; these either need to be adhered to or a form of mitigation agreed with the airport affected to facilitate maximum development potential whilst maintaining aviation safety requirements.

Even if the development itself does not represent a hazard, the construction phase can provide temporary challenges to aviation which also need to be addressed.  Such regulations should not discourage developers from considering projects just because they are in the vicinity of an airport or aerodrome; Osprey can help develop plans that comply with the regulations or, where feasible, the justifications needed to gain appropriate dispensations; enabling development on and around an airport.

Involving aviation experts in the planning stages of any such development is key. Osprey has extensive experience of supporting developers and constructors in the planning process where aviation issues can be identified and resolved early, thereby significantly increasing the likelihood of gaining planning consent and reducing the risk of objection.

If you are planning to develop close to an airport or aerodrome, or you believe your project has any potential aviation impact, please contact us to discuss your project or to find out more about our services:

We’re also attending UK Construction Week at The Birmingham NEC this week, so please contact us if you’d like to meet up with a member of our team.


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