Osprey 10 Week Anniversary Countdown – No. 10 Humble Beginnings

Later this year, Osprey will celebrate its 10th anniversary.  With just 10 weeks to go, we would like to share some new facts and anecdotes that you definitely won’t have heard about us before!

We’re very proud of the business we’ve built and never miss an opportunity to share our story – so let’s start at the very beginning as we kick off our weekly countdown.

No. 10 – Humble Beginnings (Starting Life in a Garden Shed)

Jon Arden formed Osprey in 2006 with his Business Partner, Peter Giles.  At the time Jon worked from home in Woodhall Spa and Peter worked from this very shed in his back garden!

Ideally, we would like to say that they had a clear business plan in place, and knew exactly what they were going to do.  But the truth is that Osprey was born over a pint of Guinness in a hotel in Enniskillen and Osprey’s business plan was written on the back of a beer mat!

At the time the market was good, so they picked up work quickly and developed a reputation for being able to deal with the issues wind farms caused to airports.  In fact, most of Osprey’s initial growth was driven by this, and Jon and Peter became widely recognised as Subject Matter Experts and were subsequently appointed to work on behalf of the UK Government (DECC) and to chair national bodies.

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