HMS Queen Elizabeth

Osprey are immensely proud to be providing continued specialist support to the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Strategic Class Authority Aviation Systems Team, to enable them to achieve the required Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment certification. This is an essential part of the capability progression of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Defence Safety Policy and Regulations, along with our in-depth understanding of ATM Standards, has allowed us to provide dedicated and expert guidance so that the MOD can successfully achieve the required certification of the QEC ATM Equipment.  Osprey’s familiarity with ATM legislation, regulation and standards has enabled the identification and introduction of an effective and pragmatic solution; to resolve long-standing issues that impacted the diverse and multifaceted stakeholder community.

Working alongside Royal Navy (RN) and Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Mission System and ATM specialists, Osprey has enabled a coherent approach to optimise its safety artefacts, whilst addressing the unique demands of QEC.  This ensures that all aspects are mutually considered and safeguarded, to ensure that neither safety nor capability compromise or conflict each other.  To aid understanding of how the various systems of systems could impact ATM, Osprey developed Bow Ties for each of the specific ATM Hazards, in line with Defence Safety Authority (DSA) and industry good practice. These Bow Ties enabled a greater understanding across the organisational stakeholders and have since been commended for use on other aviation related ships projects.

The initial feedback from the customer stated:

“I have been extremely pleased by the professionalism and support provided by Osprey.  In particular, the consultants have gone above and beyond in assisting the progression of the project.  They are readily available, adding an essential level of SQEP to our team.  Pragmatic and extremely knowledgeable, they have allowed the programme to progress significantly, resolving long running issues and providing insight into the Regulations and Authorities we are dealing with.

As the task evolved, Osprey have remained flexible providing additional resource at short notice and responding to emergent issues early to maintain the progress.  Osprey has exceeded expectations and I would recommend them to colleagues as a competent supplier of independent advice and guidance in respect to ATM regulatory compliance.”.

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