Future Flight and Osprey

The innovation of aerospace technology in the UK is gathering pace, through initiatives such as the current Future Flight Challenge and the Aerospace Technical Institution Initiative – all looking for the UK Aerospace industry to address numerous challenges head on!

These challenges include; the integration of drones and Urban Air Mobility vehicles into shared airspace, electrification (or hybrid) of sub-regional aircraft producing cleaner, quieter and cost effective aircraft for regional and urban use, the necessary infrastructure to support them and the Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems required to manage the integration of such air systems. 

These new and emerging aerospace technologies will require new operating models for airspace management and regulation across a spectrum of complex environments, as well as the consideration of sociological issues, and of course doing things in a way that are at least as safe as the current model.

Osprey is directly and indirectly involved in several Future Flight initiatives and is well placed to support such enterprises with in-house expertise across the entire aviation landscape. We have a multi-disciplined team of Chartered Engineers, ex-CAA and MAA regulators and operators including ex-Air Traffic Controllers allied with experienced project and programme managers to manage multi-faceted projects.

  • Our Platforms and Air Systems Team can help with the air platforms; electric or hybrid aircraft and modifications, unmanned systems and Urban Air mobility platforms. We have safety, certification and airworthiness experts who can apply rigid rule sets in innovative ways, as well as safety case expertise including system of systems safety.
  • Our Airports and Airspace Team can provide advice and support on the airspace challenges associated with integrating competing technologies safely and how Aerodromes will need to adapt to support the technology, including power requirements which could include renewable energy. We have airspace safety, operational and safeguarding experts as well as an Instrument Flight Procedure Design (IFPD) capability.
  • Our Air Traffic Management Systems Team can help with the integration of new and emerging technology with new air system operating models and can provide advice on the ATM technology that may be required to support new models of flying, such as on-demand flying. We have Air Traffic Management experts including ex-regulators and controllers who can apply innovative solutions to complex problems.

If you would like to discuss your Future Flight initiative with us, please call us on 01420 520 200 or email [email protected]

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