Celebrating 100 years of the Royal Air Force

On 1st April 2018, the Royal Air Force (RAF) celebrates its 100th birthday.

The majority of Osprey employees served in the Armed Forces before joining us, and nearly half of the team are ex-RAF. This is hardly surprising as the British Armed Forces have a well-deserved reputation for the quality of their people and training which closely aligns with the needs and values of our consultancy business. This includes outstanding operational, technical and engineering skills and a proven ability to perform well in the most challenging environments. Such qualities help to drive our business and the aviation sector forward.

Our combined contribution to the RAF

Osprey staff have collectively served a total of 372 years in the RAF in various roles spanning Air Traffic Control, Aircrew, Operations and Engineering. Together, we have amassed over 11,400 flying hours, supported or flown 28 different aircraft types and provided air traffic control services at 24 RAF airfields.

Our staff have served at home, abroad, on exercises and at war. From the climatic extremes of the northern and southern hemispheres to the heat of the desert and humidity of the jungle – our team have operated around the globe.





Some joined as cold-war warriors, responding to the claxon of Quick Reaction Alert or the siren announcing the arrival of the Taceval Team. Others saw their first action very much in the hot-wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. Importantly, all served with pride and professionalism, contributing to the ongoing defence of our nation.

Osprey staff continue to pride themselves on their contribution to defence and the RAF in particular. We continue to support some of the Service’s latest platforms, systems and capabilities.

However, as always, it’s the people that matter. In the coming weeks we will share some of the memories, achievements and anecdotes of our staff during their service as our contribution to RAF 100 – ‘To Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire’.

In the meantime, wishing all past and current members of the RAF a very Happy 100th Birthday!

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