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Armed Forces Week – 24 to 29 June 2024


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During Armed Forces Week Osprey CSL is proud to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces Community, both past and present.  We recognise the contribution that all members of our Armed Forces and their families make to the nation through their sacrifices as a result of their duty.

Currently more than 30% of our group workforce is made up of veterans and their contribution is indispensable both to us and our clients. 50% of Osprey’s Consultants have served in the Royal Air Force and with such a strong military heritage, we asked a number of our colleagues to reflect about their time in uniform and how this has shaped their careers.


Osprey Alastair Balderstone

Alastair Balderstone, Principal Consultant, Platforms & Air Systems – 37 years’ service

In my Royal Air Force service I gained a wealth of knowledge in aeronautical engineering, and I use this expertise daily in my work for Osprey supporting MOD clients.  Equally important are the communication skills I learnt in the Royal Air Force; the ability to succinctly communicate detailed technical issues, tailored to the audience, is central to my role as a consultant.     


Osprey Joe McKenna

Joe McKenna
Platforms & Air Systems Team Leader
Royal Air Force – 16 years’ service

Here I am, almost 20 years ago deployed on OP TELIC, serving as a Junior Engineering Officer on a Tornado GR4 Squadron.  This was the aftermath of brake failure during landing and led to one of my proudest moments as my team and I recovered the aircraft from the side of the runway whilst other aircraft circled above getting low on fuel.  It taught me how to solve problems in unique circumstances under extreme pressure, and ever since, my military and civilian careers have been about the next challenge.


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Mark Wakeman
Airports & Airspace Team Leader
Royal Air Force – 28 years’ service

I enjoyed a fantastic, 28-year career in the Royal Air Force as a Jet Navigator and Senior Officer. My time instilled an emphasis on precision, attention to detail, discipline, and the value of effective teamwork to achieve common goals. Most importantly, it generated confidence and leadership skills that have proven invaluable during my civilian career when required to solve challenges, evaluate choices, or make difficult decisions. My experience has also taught me to overcome adversity, and I thrive on working with others to deliver or manage projects in challenging environments.


Osprey Richie Hinchcliffe

Richie Hinchcliff
Principal Consultant, Airports & Airspace
Royal Air Force – 35 years’ service

I spent nearly 35 years in the Royal Air Force and thousands of hours in air defence fast jets above, around and beyond Great Britain.  Whilst in service I gained a degree in aeronautical engineering, was involved in research, development, civil and military aviation regulation, and undertook an MBA with the Open University. Since leaving the military I now work as an aviation consultant in the airport, airspace, flight procedures and offshore wind sectors. My time in uniform taught me self-discipline, the value of being a team player, setting clear aims and objectives in any environment and above all an understanding of physical, mental, and technical resilience.


Osprey Rob Jackson 1

Rob Jackson, Principal Consultant, Platforms & Air Systems
Royal Air Force – 26 years’ service

I joined the Royal Air Force in 1985 as a mechanic with minimum five GCEs and finished in 2011 as Squadron Leader Engineering Officer with HNC, MSc and a Chartered Engineer. This photo shows me Aligning an Inertial Navigation System pre-flight in a Tornado fighter, whilst on detachment in Canada.

My Royal Air Force experience taught me that every day is a school day, people are your most important commodity but no-one is more important than family. I bring this ethos into the workplace where my customers and colleagues are at the heart of what I do.


Osprey’s aim is to ensure that our enduring support for the Armed Forces is present throughout the company and is reflected in our commitment to The Armed Forces Covenant. Together with our sister company, TP Group, we are currently working towards our Silver Award.

Image ©UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022

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