Osprey have provided airworthiness and air system procurement Technical Support to Ascent Flight Training Ltd, the programme provider for the UK Military Flying Training Service (UKMFTS), for 6 Aircraft types (4 fixed wing and 2 rotary wing platforms).

This Technical Support included providing airworthiness advice on military and civil airworthiness requirements, aerodrome infrastructure, and guidance for the procurement and in-service operation of the UKMFTS fleet of aircraft as well as being the Head of Airworthiness Assurance and technical point of contact between the UK MOD, the UKMFTS Delivery Team and the Aircraft Service Providers.

Ospreys’ support to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Future Fixed Wing, PFI Future Rotary Wing and Future Rear Crew Training included developing a tailored military certification approach (the proposed aircraft were civil certified) and certification programme plan to enable Military Type Certification for new aircraft types throughout all phases (specification, assessment D&M and in-service).

Osprey defined the requirements for the Request for Proposal (RFP) and Statement of Requirement (SOR) documents through to the evaluation of bidders’ responses using AWARD software (bespoke software for tender assessment).  Osprey also developed the Airworthiness Strategies, Statement of Operating Intent (SOI), technical advice to aircraft technical publications, regulatory compliance justifications, raised Authority clarification questions, answered bidder clarification questions, represented Ascent during negotiations and provided technical support in the development of the Business Case Approval documentation.

Osprey’s support allowed the MOD and Ascent to award the PFI Contract to the preferred Aircraft Service Provider for the Future Fixed Wing and Future Rotary Wing programmes through the provision of airworthiness and air system experts and setting of air system and infrastructure requirements. Osprey’s approach to the technical support enabled focused resource for the programmes, resulting in efficiencies in the tender process and better relationships with the MOD Project Team.


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