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Aerospace Battle Management (ABM) is a key defence capability that orchestrates the aircraft and airspace, to keep the UK skies safe and protect the UK’s defence interests. This capability is often reported in the media when unauthorised foreign aircraft approach UK airspace and the Quick Response Aircraft are scrambled to intercept them, the ABM equipment and systems are a key enabler for this essential UK capability. ABM equipment and systems are also deployed to protect the UK’s interests overseas either as a fixed or deployed capability.

Our Role

Osprey are working with the Situational Awareness Command and Control (SACC) Delivery Team within the UK MOD Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), providing safety and environmental support to a wide range of ABM systems such as TACC, CERBERUS, Tactical Data Links, ADSI, MML and GUARDIAN amongst other, the Osprey support to these programmes includes:

  • Development and support the SACC DTs Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS)
  • Development of Safety and Environmental Management Plans
  • Development of Safety Cases and production of Safety Case Reports in accordance with the MRP, JSP454 and DSA02-DMR
  • Development of Release into Service Expositions (RiSE) for applicable ABM equipment
  • Development of Hazard Logs in eCassandra and excel based formats
  • Independent Safety Advice

Osprey are also able to, and have been contracted to provide safety procurement and business case support including:

  • Development of Safety requirements
  • Development of PQQ and associated marking schemes
  • Independent assessment of PQQ bidder responses
  • Development of Safety Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Development of Safety Invitation To Negotiate (ITN) / Invitation To Tender (ITT)
  • Independent Assessment of ITN/ITT bidder responses
  • Development of Safety statements for approval gates.


Osprey’s safety support and work with the SACC DT over a number of years has resulted in numerous successes; including our collaborative development of the SACC DT Acquisition Safety & Environmental Management System (ASEMS), which was commended as best practice in the ISTAR Directorate. We created a first of type Release into Service Exposition (RiSE) submission for SACC DT Air Battlespace Management (ABM) equipment in accordance with the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment Release into Service Process (RiSP) and continue to transfer our wealth of expertise and knowledge to the team resulting in timely safety documentation to support projects during all stages of the CADMID lifecycle.


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