The Virtual HazID

As a result of the social distancing guidelines that have been put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, organisations and individuals have developed their knowledge and increased their use of collaborative tools, such as Microsoft Teams.  Whilst this has enabled them to ensure that they can continue to meet the demands of the services they provide, it has, in turn evolved to another ‘New Normal’ way of working.

The irony of the current situation is that the technology we are now taking for granted has largely always been there; therefore, what has evolved is our willingness to use the technology as it was originally intended. 

Osprey recognise the need to harmonise the old and the new to ensure that some of the recent changes now become core services; thereby providing our clients with the very best we can offer, albeit from a distance.

One such activity that Osprey has recently undertaken for a number of clients and will continue to offer as a core service, is a ‘Virtual HazID’.  Hazard Identification (HazID) and assessment is a fundamental activity that not only underpins many of Osprey’s capabilities, but is an essential prerequisite for a whole range of projects.

Whilst ensuring that projects do not suffer further unavoidable delays, Osprey consider Virtual HazIDs as having many additional economical and sociological benefits, which include:

  • Reducing costs associated with travel and subsistence:
    • This not only increases personal productivity as travelling time is lessened, but also enhances our corporate social responsibilities as less travel reduces our carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.
    • It also enables staff (yours, ours and wider stakeholders) to be at home more with their families outside of work hours.
  • The ability to focus meetings so that individuals only need to attend as required or to address specific issues that may arise.
  • Avoid the cost of booking large meeting rooms which may be a charged at premium rates.

Osprey are able to conduct a ‘Virtual HazID’ using MS Teams or Zoom, or via connection into the client’s own system if required.  As the facilitator, we would conduct a Virtual HazID based upon a comprehensive agenda and briefing pack, which we will distribute in sufficient time prior to the HazID for all attendees to familiarise themselves with the relevant subject matter.  Following the event Osprey will produce the required records and reports for client and stakeholder approval.

Should you require any further information about Virtual HazIDs, or if you would like to arrange for Osprey to provide a quote please contact us: [email protected]

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