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Rich Connelly

Chief Operating Officer

As our Chief Operating Officer, Rich is responsible for the day to day running of Osprey.  He is also responsible for delivering a number of workstreams, including our framework agreement with the Welsh Government and developing strategic relationships with industry partners.

Rich joined Osprey after 27 years in the Royal Air Force.  In 2012 he was seconded to the CAA, initially as Assistant Director of Airspace Policy before becoming Deputy Head of Intelligence Strategy and Policy responsible for oversight of all CAA safety policy development together with governance of its major programmes including spaceplanes, unmanned air systems and State safety.

Rich has extensive experience of working at a strategic level and managing organisational change.  He has represented the UK in various international Air Traffic Management forums, been responsible for managing projects and operations at a National and International level and played a key role in the restructuring and re-organisation of the CAA.  He has also delivered complex operational change, including the transition to electronic ATM systems in the en-route environment and the construction and development of facilities and procedures in the terminal environment.

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