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Nigel Ibbetson

Team Leader - Airports & Airspace

Nigel joined our Airports and Airspace Team in 2019.  He is an Air Traffic Controller and Airfield Operator with 30 years of experience in the Royal Air Force and has a Master of Arts degree from King’s College London.  Nigel has worked at a number of UK and International Airfields and En-route centres and has a wealth of experience from many leadership and managerial roles including the re-design of Airspace and Airfield usage.

Nigel has first-hand experience of the implementation of Programme MARSHALL and practical knowledge of working and coordinating drone usage in busy, complex airspace.  He brings extensive Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) expertise with a flexible approach that is adaptable to customer demands.

Since joining Osprey, Nigel has worked on a breadth of projects which include Airspace Change Proposals, Aeronautical Information Governance and Airfield Safeguarding.

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