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Gavin Jones

Senior Consultant

Gavin is an experienced Air Traffic Systems Safety Engineer having successfully delivered projects for EUROCONTROL, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports and Equipment Manufacturers.

Gavin graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering. In his early career he produced Functional Hazard Analyses and System Safety Analyses for European Air Traffic Management projects including Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP AR) approaches, Runway Safety Lighting (RWSL) and Wake Independent Departure and Arrival Operations (WIDAO).

Since joining Osprey in 2014, Gavin has worked with a broad range of UK airfields to assure the design, installation and transition to operation of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance equipment. He has supported Aquila Air Traffic Management Services in providing system safety assurance of Wide Area Multilateration and Radar Display Systems for MOD Project MARSHALL. Recently Gavin has developed safety assurance for Area Navigation (RNAV) approaches and provided technical procurement support for a surveillance system.

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