Osprey has the capability, experience and understanding of the challenges faced by the space industry in providing commercially viable but safe operations. Our innovative, flexible and adaptive approach allows us to respond to and solve unique and cutting-edge challenges.

Across the company, we have a team of experienced and competent staff comprised of civil and military air traffic controllers, aviators, engineers and safety assessment experts with extensive experience in operational analysis, airspace management, project management, requirements capture and business case support.

Of particular relevance to the space sector are:

  • Our expertise in safety, airworthiness and certification and the application of rigid rules to innovative and complex problems; meaning we are well placed to deal with the safety challenges the space industry face.
  • Our in-depth and thorough understanding of regional airport operations to address technical challenges such as the integration of a Spaceplane or Space Launch System alongside conventional operations. 
  • Regular delivery of ‘due diligence’ activities for both operators and investors; scrutiny that would also be required for novel and innovative Spaceport regulations including knowledge and application of FAA AST and CAA Airspace Policy.

We have strong relationships and vast experience of working with the Department for Transport (DfT), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Military Aviation Authority (MAA), EUROCONTROL and the UK Space Agency (UKSA) to help plan and identify airspace design, integration and sharing solutions. Some of our staff have previously worked for the CAA as Airspace Utilisation Specialists and Airspace Regulators.  Our team also has knowledge and experience of systems and equipment that are highly relevant to the operation of Space Planes, and Space Launch Systems including surveillance and navigation systems.

Engineering Expertise

We offer extensive engineering capability through a team comprised of Chartered Engineers and Ex-Regulators with knowledge and experience of platforms and equipment that are highly relevant to space launch operations.  Our capabilities include:

  • Proven experience in all aspects of Airworthiness Assurance; from type certification, test and evaluation (including Flight Test Engineer experience) and risk assessments, to the analysis of incident and usage data. 
  • Management, oversight and application of Continuing Airworthiness both at the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) level and higher support levels. 

Further, we conduct safety audits against a wide range of products and services including complete Safety Management Systems and the audit function of an Independent Safety Auditor (ISA).

Operational Experience

Our team comprises of operational experts with a breadth of experience within civil and military frameworks, which we apply regularly within projects concerning procurement, infrastructure developments and operational changes managed on behalf of airports.  Our capability in Safeguarding, Airspace and Air Traffic Management Systems relies on compliance with the following civil regulatory frameworks:

  • CAP1616 – “Airspace change: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing the notified airspace design and planned and permanent redistribution of air traffic, and on providing airspace information”
  • CAP168 – “Licensing of Aerodromes”
  • CAP670 – “Air Traffic Services Safety Requirements”

Safety Case Experience

Safety Case development and management is at the very core of our capability. We have extensive experience in developing Safety Cases from component level safety assessments.

Our capabilities include:

  • Proven experience in developing safety cases and system-of-system for innovative application across the aerospace and space sector, including first of type approvals and unique applications of technology.
  • Detailed safety system analysis support including, Hazard Identification (Including HAZOPS), Fault Tree Analysis, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Reliability and risk and ALARP Assessments.

We have experience in the development and ongoing management of safety cases using graphical notation methods and use of software tools. Many of our clients have realised the benefits of using graphical notations of safety cases to provide a safety ‘picture on a page’.

Procurement Experience

We regularly support the specification, procurement and introduction of systems into operational service. We also provide support to organisations preparing major tenders for systems, infrastructure or services.  The space sector is likely to result in a number of unique procurement challenges before eventual market entry; and Osprey is well placed to address these.

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