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The effects of wind turbines on aviation interests have been widely publicised. The primary concerns being the physical obstruction that such large structures present to flight operations, and the interference effects that wind turbines have on aviation related Communication and Navigation Systems (including Radar).

We are a leading expert in the management of the effects of wind energy on aviation systems and have worked with a wide range of Wind Farm developers and UK regional airports. In 2014, 6.2 GW of wind farms to which we had contributed aviation expertise were consented, with aviation issues resolved or consent conditions agreed.

Osprey can support both Wind Energy developers and Aviation Stakeholders in an end-to-end process from initial site conception through to mitigation procurement as follows:

  • Identification of aviation stakeholders (civilian and military) and initial desk based analysis
  • Assessment of the site relative to identified Radar systems and any other identified aviation interest
  • Assessment for sites considered in relation to airfield obstacle limitation surfaces
  • Analysis of the viability of potential technical solutions to successfully mitigate the effect of Wind Energy development on radar and aviation operations
  • Management of relationships and the facilitation of consultation between parties


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