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The EU Environmental Noise Directive mandates that if an airport has over 50,000 movements per year, or a significant noise impact on densely populated areas, they must produce a Noise Action Plan and Strategic Noise Maps. However, we also recognise that many smaller airports and aerodromes also want to understand the impact that noise may have on neighbouring communities.

At Osprey, we offer a cost effective Noise Assessment capability using the latest software developed by the FAA. Our staff are not only trained to CAA standards using the very latest version of the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) but they also have the wealth of relevant experience required to interpret its output and to develop and implement bespoke strategies as a result of their findings.

Our noise assessment analysis will enable you to:

  • Determine the contribution of aircraft noise to the overall noise that surrounding communities are exposed to, and to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to best practice in airport operations, with particular emphasis on noise reduction and mitigation.
  • Inform and strengthen Business and Investment Plans; allowing potential environmental benefits to be identified at the concept stage.
  • Provide clear and measurable indicators by which performance can be assessed.
  • Allow informed engagement with surrounding communities to better understand their concerns and priorities, and provide information about aircraft noise and operations
  • Provide information to Local Authorities to help them make more informed land planning decisions.
  • Assess the likely impact of changes in Air Traffic Control procedures and airspace, including changes specifically designed to reduce noise impacts of aircraft
  • Meet the requirements of the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC.

Using the AEDT tool, our team can dynamically model aircraft performance in space and time to estimate fuel consumption, emissions, noise and air quality – as well as conduct the full range aviation noise modelling, including the development of noise contours and calculation of population densities, for everything from a single flight or route to regional or international airports.

Importantly, what we offer is fully scaleable and will be tailored to your exact requirements. This could include Business Case support or a Section 106 Restriction that you wish to be eased. Not only can we look at the noise aspect, we also have the regulatory and operational experience to develop your entire submission if required.

Alternatively, you may want to assess the environmental impact of an issue or proposed change; be it to address the concerns of a local community or implement an Airspace Change in accordance with the environmental aspects of CAA regulation (CAP 1616).

What ultimately sets us apart is our ability of our noise analysts to combine the latest noise assessment software with extensive aviation experience to provide a comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts and benefits.

Call us today, we’d be delighted to speak without commitment and answer any questions you have on the environmental consequences of aviation.


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