Mitigation Delivery

Where wind turbines are predicted to have an impact on an airport’s Radar, then a suitable mitigation must be provided if the scheme is to proceed.

In some cases, operational (or procedural) mitigation can be applied which eliminates or reduces the impact as perceived by the Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) by for example adjusting the routing of aircraft away from the areas affected.

Where the adverse effects of the turbines cannot be mitigated operationally, then technical mitigation may be considered. Technical mitigation may be provided using one of a number of techniques including adaptation / enhancement of the radar or display processing, or use of infill techniques (either “Blocking” or “Resolution Infill” methods).

At Osprey, we have experience of all the current mitigation techniques gained through a diverse range of projects and can use this capability to good effect to ensure your needs and requirements are met.

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Radar line of sight assessments
  • Operational impact studies
  • Requirements capture
  • Procurement of technical mitigation
  • Flight trials
  • Development of safety cases


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