Contingency Planning and Business Continuity

No-one likes to think of things going wrong, but being prepared for events such as equipment failures, freak weather occurrences or a terrorist incident is crucial in maintaining the safety of aviation operations and allowing Airports to continue operating.

Osprey staff understand that full contingency facilities are expensive to provide and maintain, so our approach is to assess the risk associated with a failure and to provide pragmatic solutions that will meet the operational and business need.

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Risk assessments
  • Gap analysis, considering operating procedures and/or infrastructure
  • Requirements capture, starting with the operational requirement, which drives the infrastructure and equipment requirement
  • The Contingency Planning Process as detailed within EUROCONTROL Guidelines for Contingency Planning of Air Navigation Services
  • Considering related planning requirements, including:
    – Air traffic training requirements
    – Engineering and technical considerations
    – Aeronautical Information Service
    – Meteorological services
  • Activation and reversion processes and assurance
  • Crisis management plans


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