Compliance Monitoring – Certificated Aerodromes

EU regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No. 139/2014) requires that aerodrome operators have a Compliance Monitoring System (CMS) in place and requires that “the aerodrome management system shall include a formal system to monitor compliance of the organisation with the relevant requirements.”

To reinforce this requirement, the CAA has published an Information Notice (IN-2017/027) with the stated aim “to help guide aerodromes in the development of a structured audit process, dependent upon the size and complexity of the aerodrome’s operation, which should be set out in the Aerodrome Manual.”

Importantly, the CAA also states that the independence of the CMS should be established by ensuring that audits and inspections are carried out by personnel not responsible for the function being audited. This covers all areas of an aerodrome’s operation and the CAA has been clear about the need to see comprehensive and well delivered audit processes. This is a significant obligation for an aerodrome and may well require additional resource to facilitate the compliant delivery in line with CAA requirements.

Osprey is able to offer an end-to-end service to meet the regulatory requirements. Not only can we create a suitable CMS, blending your organisation’s structure to manage the process, we can also provide audits across all areas of your operation. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs in terms of their own unique requirements and the expectations of other key stakeholders, including the CAA who, in turn, also need to be satisfied.

Our experience is wide ranging and includes the auditing of aerodrome operations. We believe our technical skills and experience will make a positive, practical and effective contribution bringing real benefit to the accountable manager and your organisation. Our capability and commitment will ensure that we can support your current requirements, assist the management of your compliance requirements, and much more beyond the CAA’s baseline and its oversight obligations.

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