Airspace Change

A change to the use or classification of airspace may be simple and straightforward to implement with little operational or environmental impact, or complex involving significant alterations to existing airspace arrangements and impact on airspace user groups and the general public.

Osprey has a solid track record in delivering both simple and complex airspace changes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. A number of our staff have previously worked in the CAA; as a result we have an excellent working relationship with the Regulator borne out of mutual respect and understanding.

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Identify your operational requirements and develop suitable airspace solutions
  • Incorporate revised procedures (both conventional and RNAV)
  • Consider all airspace solutions including Transponder Mandatory Zones, Radio Mandatory Zones and non-airspace solutions
  • Manage the Airspace Change Proposal process
  • Manage airspace change implementation


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