Wind development remains a staple of renewable energy development in the UK into the future if the UK is to meet its climate targets. Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) dimensions continue to increase and new developments, as well as repowering developments are subject to numerous and expanding constraints, including potential adverse impacts on people as well as national infrastructure in the vicinity of WTG development.

We appreciate that the most logical approach to understanding the impact of WTG’s on aviation infrastructure is from a safety perspective. Common requirements include evaluation of impacts on civil and military aviation infrastructure including collision risk, operational constraint (navigation aids and flight procedures), radar interference and adverse impacts on surrounding telecommunications.

Over the last 14 years, we have assisted over 900 wind farms address their issues on aviation. We are proud members of the leading renewable energy trade body in the UK, RenewableUK. We are an experienced team, many within our organisation held either an operational aviation role, or joined us from influential positions within Government, the CAA or RenewableUK (previously British Wind Energy Association). Our track record supports our claim to be one of the UK’s leading aviation consultancies and we are recognised and respected for our expertise in aviation safeguarding.

Whether you require a brief assessment of the likely aviation constraints on a site, or help developing mitigation with an aviation stakeholder to take your project forward, you can be assured that you will enjoy working with our professional, informed and personable team. Take a look at the services which we can offer you and drop us a line if you would like to discuss your projects.

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