Providing specialist ATM support to the in-service UK maritime surface fleet

Building on the successes of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) equipment certification for the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers, HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS PRINCE OF WALES, Osprey has continued to develop our maritime ATM capability and now provide specialist ATM support to the in-service UK maritime surface fleet.

Working collaboratively with the Royal Navy (RN), Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Mission System, Industry and ATM specialists, Osprey has enabled the individual requirements of the RN, Directorate of Ships Acquisition (DShips), the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) and Defence Maritime Regulator (DMR) to be harmonised, thereby ensuring a genuinely coherent approach that delivers the required assurances and operational capability. 

Applying the Learning from Experience (LFE) from QEC, Osprey staff have provided guidance to inform the strategic direction for ATM equipment certification that is now in place to enable the platform Strategic Class Authorities to successfully achieve their on-board ATM capability.

Osprey’s expert knowledge of Defence Safety Authority (DSA) Policy and Regulations along with contextual application of maritime ATM capability has led to Osprey being tasked to provide the required guidance and knowledge to MOD staff and achieve ATM Certification for Type 45 (T45), Daring Class Destroyers, Type 23 (T23), Duke Class Frigates and Landing Platform Dock (LPD), Albion Class Amphibious Assault Ships.

Like QEC, Osprey will develop the required artefacts for each equipment in each class, to demonstrate that the on-board systems comply with the regulatory and safety requirements to enable their use in support of the required ATM capability. In doing so, Osprey has applied knowledge and experience through a coherent system-of-systems approach to address the complex engineering demands of ATM safety and maritime warfighting capability so that both are safeguarded and neither is compromised.

To find out more, please contact our ATM Systems Team to discuss how we can support your project: [email protected]

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