Osprey assist airports in the delivery of Radar in the Tower capability

As airport operators seek to develop operational efficiencies, they do so with the understanding that they must not undermine safety. One such efficiency is the introduction of Radar in the Tower (RiTT) procedures, once considered off-limits but is now becoming common practice in the civil domain with at least nine airports now using this capability. 

RiTT allows, through defined procedures and the associated safety assurance, to provide radar vectoring from the Visual Control Room (VCR) using a correctly configured surveillance display. Whilst RiTT primarily enhances safety, the capability to combine the radar and VCR service also provides the opportunity to augment operational resilience, as well as the ability to fulfil wider airport demands for efficiency. 

RiTT procedures allow airports to introduce new capability whilst exploiting the existing resources, both in technology and expertise, to present a genuine opportunity during periods of VCR only operation. RiTT builds on an airport’s extant capability, not only enhancing the safe delivery of VCR operations but enabling the airport to implement RiTT as a legitimate contingency measure that can be used on occasions such as equipment failure or controllers being unavailable.

With demonstrable experience in delivering approved RiTT procedures and the associated Human Factor Assessment and safety assurance, Osprey (a tpgroup company), can work with airport staff and stakeholders to develop their RiTT capability.

To find out more, please contact our ATM Systems Team to discuss how we can support your RiTT project: [email protected]

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