Osprey 10 Week Anniversary Countdown – No.7 Our Future Skies

Our last post focussed on our business transformation, so let’s look at the exciting projects we are currently delivering as a result of our diversification.

We absolutely have to focus on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones here, because it’s such an emotive and newsworthy story at present.  We are currently working with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to develop the regulations that will govern how drones are operated in the UK, with respect to their potential impact on the safety of aviation.  This has given us great insight into UAS/drone operations and we have advised a number of organisations on how they might safely deploy this exciting new technology.  Our work will inform political decision making in the UK and set a precedent across the world.  The review and report we have completed on behalf of the CAA will feed directly into UK Government policy as well as influence European and International policy direction for RPAS.

Another area we are exploring, is the use of drones by the Emergency Services, for example if the Fire Services have to fight a chemical fire it is easier (and safer) to use a drone to help establish the exact nature of the fire and chemicals involved than a fire fighter.

The potential markets for UAS are almost endless, and the sector is expanding rapidly.  However, the ultimate aim is to safely integrate UAS into the total aviation system without any increased hazard to other airspace users.  In achieving this objective an incremental approach must be taken whilst remaining agile to any regulatory or standards development in this fast moving environment.

What sets Osprey apart in this rapidly evolving market is our ability to provide UAS consultancy services across the whole of aviation spectrum, including training (we have recently won a contract to support a Defence client with the design of an RPAS Flying School).  From air traffic management, national and international policy and regulation, airworthiness, through to safety management and UAS specific category, or operating safety case & assessment, we have the through life and pan functional area expertise to fulfil and support all the requirements of the UAS environment.

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