Jersey Airport – Contingency Facility Planning

As controlling authority for the Channel Islands Control Zone, Jersey Airport needed to be sure they could operate effectively in the event of a failure within their main air traffic control facility.


Jersey Airport

Business Need

Jersey Airport needed to assess the operational and infrastructure requirements to provide continuity of service in the immediate aftermath of an air traffic control main facility failure and in the longer term.

Our Role

In order to identify the infrastructure requirements, an operational analysis needed to be conducted that set the assumptions in terms of aircraft numbers, nature of operations and associated timescales following activation of a contingency facility. A gap analysis was then conducted to assess the infrastructure requirements to meet this operational need against the current facility. We compiled an equipment list, alongside system diagrams, to show suggested system architecture, and Rough Order of Magnitude costings allowed the Airport management to commence the contingency facility planning in earnest.

The Outcome

The initial operational focus allowed the Airport management to have a high degree of confidence that the plans for the contingency facility would allow them to meet their obligations to the Channel Islands Control Zone, and keep the Airport operational should there be a failure of the main air traffic control facility. The costings Osprey produced have provided the basis for a business case to enable financial planning for the ATC contingency facility.


Andy Hirst

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