Air/Space Vehicles & Systems

Osprey provides clients with high quality, technical and operational airworthiness expertise across a range of Air and Space Vehicles and Systems.

Our capability includes support to both civil and military clients, and we have a proven track record of achieving regulatory approval of systems, maintaining certification and providing engineering advice to understand risks associated with chosen solutions.

Osprey can also assist in development of processes and procedures and Safety Management Systems (SMS) in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) SMS Guidance.

Whether you require support on preparing business cases and procuring new systems, or certification of equipment, Osprey can support you on all OJEU and other Acquisition Operating Framework (AOF) activities.

To ensure we provide you with a high quality service, we employ highly experienced people from a variety of backgrounds including Aircraft Systems Engineers, Safety Engineers and Flight Operations and Maintenance Experts. All of our staff have an intuitive understanding of the key issues regarding Air/Space Vehicles and Systems and are generally former aviation stakeholders.

Osprey are a member of the Aerospace Defence and Security (ADS) group.

Osprey Consultants


Osprey are able to offer the following services within the Air/Space Vehicles & Systems sector:

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